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Venue FAQ

What Is the Cost to Rent the Space?

What Is the Cost to Rent the Space?  

There is no cost to rent the space, however, we require you eat + drink.  For smaller groups (under 20 guests), there is an option to order off our menu, but we also provide catering (for parties more than 10 guests).

How Do I Reserve the Meeting Room?

The most efficient way to reserve our Meetery is by using our reservation form. You will be contacted within the business day (depending on the time of your inquiry) or within 24 hours or call: 507-832-8383

Email: info@rivercityeaterycom

How Many People Does It Hold?

Depending on the type of event + set up of the room, it can fit up to 100 people. The biggest (+ most comfortable for your guests with tables) is 88. It is definitely a multi-use room, and we are here to make your event run as smooth as possible.

Can I Bring in My Own Food?

Nope. We are a full-service restaurant + catering company and require all food + beverages come from River City Eatery for many reasons.

Besides our Eatery menu, for groups over 10 guests, we also offer additional options for menu choices. We are happy to accommodate many dietary needs as well.

We look forward to hosting your next gathering!