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Just a Little Different

Our mission is to create an exciting space and playful taste that creates content memories of joy within our community.

We value our community and the people who choose to dine with us.

We promise to deliver exceptional products with inviting service.

We are authentic. We are excited about food. We take special care of our products, our team, and you, our guests.

When Pigs Fly

Some may have their own ideas of what it means, some may think it is just another conversation piece, but let me tell you what it means at River City Eatery.  After countless years of planning, dreaming + hard-working, and after countless people telling me it could never be done, it was too risky, and “when pigs fly,” what you know to be River City Eatery, the pigs are indeed flying.  It is a representation of hope, dedication, hard work, and optimism.

The flying pig logo and growing collection of flying pigs is a symbol that dreams do come true if you are willing to work hard for it, research it, learn from it, take criticism from it, grow from it, truly take a risk for it both financially and personally, and believe in it, even when others don’t believe.

One of my favorite quotes is from an unknown author, “when someone says it cannot be done, it is a sign of their limitations, not your own.” We have all heard the phrase, “when pigs fly,” and River City Eatery is my idea of "when pigs fly" in its truest form.  At RCE, we are believers, achievers, and hard workers so we can inspire the small part of the world we touch every day to just simply enjoy.

Our mission here at River City Eatery is to curate an exciting space and playful taste that inspires wholesome conversation and creates content memories of joy within our community. There are pigs out there just waiting for their wings, folks. Who's next?